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ODSP stands for Ontario Disability Support Program. The program provides benefits
for people with disabilities who are in financial need. In addition, benefits are available
for those who want and are able to work but who need support.

ODSP has two components:

Income Support

Employment Supports

How Can You Help
The Clinic works in the area of ODSP law. We can assist clients with a variety of matters, including:

Appeals where a person has been denied disability benefits.

Appeals where a person is on benefits but benefits are suspended.

Appeals where a large overpayment has been assessed and there may be merit
to appealing the overpayment in question.

What is meant by a disability?
To qualify for ODSP benefits, you must meet the definition of a “person with a
disability”. You will be considered a person with a disability if:

You have a substantial physical or mental health problem that is expected to
last one year or more, and  

Your health problem substantially limits your ability to work, look after
yourself, or carry out daily activities at home and in the community.

You may also qualify for ODSP if you fall within one of these groups:

In receipt of CPP disability benefits.

Over 65 years of age but not eligible for Old Age Security.

Reside in a psychiatric or developmental services facilities.

Have been discharged from developmental services facilities.

Have been transferred to ODSP from Family Benefits.

How much money am I eligible to receive?
The amount of money you may be entitled to depends on the amount of rent you pay and the size of your family.  

What should I do if I need money right away?
If you need money right away, you should apply for Ontario Works benefits while
you wait for a decision on your ODSP application. You can start your application for
Ontario Works by phone or by going to your
local office.

Where can I get additional information?
CLEO has produced a number of reader friendly booklets which are available for
download. Just click on the booklet that interests you.
Contact ODSP
CLEO Booklets
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Who can get them, How to apply
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Support Program
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New Bus Pass for ODSP and OW
Those on ODSP
and OW are
eligible for the
new Community
Pass. The pass is $34 a month.

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