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Legal Services for Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Counties

The services of Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic are free of charge to individuals and groups within Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry Counties. We have four Ontario bar lawyers on staff to provide you with advice, consultations, and representation while upholding the strictest confidentiality.

Do I Qualify?

To receive our legal services, you must meet all of the following three criteria items as set out by Legal Aid Ontario:

  1. You meet the financial guideline if your income is from Ontario Works or ODSP. In addition, you may meet the guideline if your income is from CPP or WSIB. You may also meet the guideline if you have a minimal working income.

  2. You live in our geographic area (Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Counties)

  3. Your legal problem concerns an area of law we deal with (excludes family law and criminal law).

During your initial call, your eligibility will be screened to determine if you meet the criteria listed above. Unfortunately, if you do not meet all three criteria points, we will be unable to help you. However, we may be able to refer you to an organization which may be able to offer you legal assistance.

If you are eligible to receive free legal assistance, please call Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic today!

What Legal Areas Do You Serve?

We work in the following legal areas:

Note: Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic does not offer services in the areas of criminal law or family law. For assistance in these areas, you may apply for a legal aid certificate and hire a private bar lawyer.

Legal Advice

Free legal advice on a variety of topics is available to low income persons who meet our eligibility criteria.

Law Reform

Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic lobbies several branches of government to make the justice system more available to low income individuals. We also regularly consult with various departments within the government in order to help them improve their services to poor and disadvantaged groups.

Community Development

Our group helps empower individuals and groups by providing them with the tools they need to organize and enforce their legal rights.

How Much Do Services Cost?

For eligible individuals or groups, our advice, information and services are all free of charge. If a client wins his or her case, we do ask to be reimbursed for the clinic’s disbursements. These disbursements are payments Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic pays out on a client’s behalf and may include items such as doctor or medical reports, interpreter fees, and court filing fees.

How Can I Find Help?

The easiest way to find help is to call our office. For straightforward questions, such as this year’s maximum rent increase, we may be able to answer your question over the phone. If your question pertains to a particular legal matter, you will be asked a series of questions which may include:

  • A brief description of your legal problem

  • Where you live

  • Your name

  • Your telephone number

  • Your income

  • How you discovered our services

Following your call, a Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic associate will follow up with you within a week.

Where Are You Located?

The Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic is located in Cornwall at 1 McConnell Avenue, which is at the south end of McConnell, in the Old Cotton Mill building. We also have two satellite offices in Williamsburg’s Town Hall and in Alexandria’s Court House. The Williamsburg and Alexandria offices are available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call 613-932-2703.

What Should I Bring to My First Appointment?

When visiting Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic, you should bring proof of income, such as a pay stub. Also, please bring any documents that are related to your legal matter, including letters or notices from your landlord, or decisions handed by a government agency.

Family Law Help

Find a Family Law Information and Referral Coordinator at the courthouse at 29 Second Street East in Cornwall. You may also find free information and help on family-related issues, including separation and divorce through the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General website.

Powers of Attorney

In addition to the aforementioned services, the Legal clinic also provides services related to the drafting and notarizing of Powers of Attorney. A Power of attorney allows a named individual to make decisions relating to a person’s personal and medical care or relating to their personal property in the event that this person is no longer mentally capable of making those decisions themselves.

Please click here for more information about Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and here for more information about Continuing Powers of Attorney for Property.


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