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ODSP Legal Resources in Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry

Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic provides legal support and advice for those who have had their disability benefits denied, suspended, or a large overpayment has been assessed. If you qualify, our team can help you through the appeals process, as well as provide you with information on how to appeal ODSP decisions.

For additional information on ODSP, contact Roy McMurtry Legal Clinic or view these downloadable pamphlets from CLEO:

What Is the ODSP?

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) offers benefit disbursements to individuals that are disabled and in need of financial assistance. Additionally, the program assists those who are able to work, but require support. If you require financial support right away, the Ministry of Community and Social Services may be able to help.

What Is Meant by a Disability?

To qualify for ODSP benefits, you must meet the definition of a “person with a disability”. You will be considered a person with a disability if:
  • You have a substantial physical or mental health problem that is expected to last one year or more, and

  • Your health problem substantially limits your ability to work, look after yourself, or carry out daily activities at home and in the community.

You may also qualify for ODSP if you fall within one of these groups:
  • In receipt of CPP disability benefits.

  • Over 65 years of age but not eligible for Old Age Security.

  • Reside in a psychiatric or developmental services facility.

  • Have been discharged from a developmental services facility.

  • Have been transferred to ODSP from Family Benefits.

How much money am I eligible to receive?

The amount of money you may be entitled to receive depends on the amount of rent you pay and the size of your family.

What should I do if I need money right away?

If you need money right away, you should apply for Ontario Works benefits while you wait for a decision on your ODSP application. You can start your application for Ontario Works by phone or by going to your local office.

Income Support

The Income Support component of ODSP provides financial assistance for things such as accommodation, basic living expenses, prescription drugs and basic dental care. Other supports and benefits that may be available include:
  • Eyeglasses

  • Wheelchairs/mobility device repairs and batteries

  • Hearing aids

  • Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit

  • Special diet allowance

  • Diabetic supplies

  • Employment Start-Up Benefit

  • Ostomy supplies

  • Extended health benefits

  • Surgical supplies

  • Emergency home repairs

  • Transportation needed to attend medical appointments

  • Guide dog allowance

  • Up-Front Child Care Benefit


To be eligible for income support you must:

  • be a resident of Ontario

  • be 18 years of age or older

  • qualify financially

  • have a disability which is expected to last one year or more

Applying for ODSP Benefits

Contact the Cornwall ODSP office, which is located on the 3rd floor of 4 Montreal Road. If you need special help, (for example, a sign language interpreter, large print forms, etc.) let the office know, so that they can make arrangements.
At your first meeting, a worker will go over, in detail, how much money you make and how many bills you have to pay. If you qualify financially for ODSP, you will be given a Disability Determination Package, which includes four forms:
  1. Health Status Report (This form is filled out by medical professionals.)

  2. Activities of Daily Living Index (This form is filled out by medical professionals.)

  3. A Medical Consent Form. (This form gives your doctor or medical professional permission to release medical information about you to the ODSP staff.)

  4. A Self Report (This form lets you explain what it is like to live with your disability.)

Once you have filled out the forms, you must send them to the Disability Adjudication Unit (DAU).

Disability Adjudication Unit
Social Assistance and Municipal Operations Branch
Ministry of Community and Social Services
PO Box B18
Toronto ON M7A 1R3

Staff at the DAU will review your file to see if you qualify for support.

Employment Support

The employment supports program is a voluntary program that helps people with disabilities find and keep a job. The program can also help people with disabilities become self-employed. Some examples of the supports that may be available include:
  • Job coaching

  • On-the-job training

  • Adaptive software and mobility devices

  • Interpreter/intervenor services

  • Transportation assistance

  • Assistive devices and training to use them

  • Tools and equipment

  • Special clothing

  • Specialized computer training

  • Other items you may need for work

To be eligible for employment supports you must:

  • Be 16 years of age or older

  • Be a resident of Ontario

  • Be willing and able to work

  • Have a disability that is expected to last one year or more, and your disability makes it hard for you to find or keep a job

Applying for Employment Supports

To apply for the Employment Supports Program, download the application package, or contact the local ODSP office.
Complete the application form and have a health care professional complete the Verification of Disability/ Impairment* form. Once you have completed all the forms, send them to your local ODSP Employment Supports Office.
ODSP staff will review your application. You will be contacted if you qualify for ODSP Employment Supports.
*You do not have to complete the Verification of Disability/ Impairment form if you are:
  • receiving ODSP Income Support, or

  • registered as legally blind with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, or

  • have attended a provincial school for students with disabilities.

Ontario Disability Support Program

Ontario Disability Support Program

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What Is Meant by a Disability?
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